Lambertville Suitcase Drum
Nate Morton using his suitcase drum kit on the voice
Nate Morton using his LSD on The Voice
The Voice 2016: Alisan Porter and Christina Aguilera - Finale
"You've Got a Friend"

Every Lambertville Suitcase Drum is made from a vintage suitcase.

Includes a custom made stand with kick pedal attachment. Optional cymbal mount.

Hand selected from around the world, each Lambertville Suitcase Drum is unique !

Made in Lambertville, New Jersey, a small town along the Delaware river.

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The Lambertville Suitcase Drum co. is based in Lambertville, New Jersey, a small town in central New Jersey, USA. Every Lambertville Suitcase Drum is made from a vintage suitcase. They are all hand selected from all over the world; sanitized and refurbished for the purpose of becoming a classic part of the music scene. They are all different and vary in style and outer material. They are used as an accompaniment for guitars, fiddles, banjos, etc. and as a part of a kit.

The kit includes:

  • modified vintage suitcase
  • custom made stand for suitcase and kick pedal attachment

There are several options that are available with the Lambertville Suitcase Drum:

  • Cymbal mount — to be used with cymbal arm attachment
  • Cymbal arm — for a crash/ride cymbal (not to exceed 16”)

As a drummer, I have used the Lambertville Suitcase Drum for "open-mic" nights, busking and small venue gigs. It has a great sound that can be enhanced by dropping a microphone inside.

Put the custom made stand, your kick pedal, a sticks bag and cymbal arm inside for carrying. Get your snare bag; with the sock cymbals and a 16 inch ride/crash combo, in with the snare. Put the hi-hat stand, throne and snare stand on your back and you are ready to go.

When I play it, I put all the carrying cases inside the suitcase.
Or use it by itself for adding beat to your guitar or mandolin sets.

Pat  ( Sticks )  McSherry